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Orlando’s Magical Theme Parks And Tourist Attractions

When it comes to tourism, Orlando city is one of the most popular destinations for many people. Orlando is a very popular city in the state of Florida. It is a very popular tourist destination because it is home to Universal Orlando, Walt Disney World and SeaWorld Orlando. Best News Of All They Are All Only A Short Distance From Dr. Philllips Florida.

There are numerous tourist attraction sites that are found here at Orlando, so if you are planning to visit this city, make sure to allocate enough time so as to visit every top-rated site. The city is also known for its numerous hotels and motels, restaurants, golf courses and other key attractions.  Let’s have a look at some of the important places to visit in Orlando:

Walt Disney World – One of the most popular attractions in Orlando is Walt Disney World. It is perfect for family vacations. This attraction is very large and entails numerous features that will keep you and your kids very busy. The Downtown Disney provides an environment ideal for adults only, whereby there is shopping, theaters, music and also ideal restaurants.

SeaWorld – This is another must visit stop when you are in Orlando. It is an area filled with so much including touch pools, large aquariums, fun rides, whale and dolphin shows and so much more. You will have a chance to get up close and personal with dolphins and other aquatic life.

Universal Studios – if you are a fan of movie production, then universal studios is the first stop you should make when you visit Orlando City. You will be able to have ideal interactions with some of your popular movies. It is a perfect getaway spot for families who want to have fun together.

Orlando Science Center – To have a more informative adventure, you can visit the Orland Science Center. Here you will be able to learn about mechanical biology and applied tech. There are numerous exhibits you will find amazing at the Science Centre.

Basilica of the National Shrine of Mary– This is a very old shrine that was completed in the 1980s. When you visit the Basilica you will find a museum which will have historical information, including scriptures, paintings, and other religious artifacts.

Gatorland – if you are a reptile fanatic, then Gatorland is your ideal stop when in Orlando. This area has numerous crocodiles, alligators and other types of reptiles. You will rare leucistic alligators here at Gatorland. Also, there is a small train that does a round within the site, giving you a much better and comfortable view.

These are top-rated areas that you should visit or shopping for a home near Orlando. Other areas include islands of Adventure, typhoon Lagoon, among others. Orlando is basically for that tourist that loves adventure and activities.

Orlando Florida Museum, Spas & Gardens Tours

Orlando Florida Museum, Spas & Gardens Tours


If you haven’t been to Orlando, then this is your chance to get to know some of the features it offers some of the best attractions. Orlando is a city that is known for its theme parks, which make it one of the toured places in the USA. But instead of looking for at the various theme parks, today we are going at some of the ideal attractions that Orlando offers. Orlando offers so much more compared to theme parks. We have created a list of some of the top-rated place to visit.

American Art Museum – Here you will find the largest collection of Tiffany glass. The American Art Museum offers of the best artifacts that you will find ideal. The museum is located in historic Winter Park. Over there past years so much has been collected. The museum offers some of the best art exhibits interaction.


Dr Phillips Arts Center – The Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts is a performing arts center in Downtown Orlando, Florida, United States. It replaced the Bob Carr Performing Arts Centre, originally opened as the Orlando Municipal Auditorium in 1927

Kayak Eco-Tour – While touring, you may be wondering of an engaging activity. Well, the kayak eco-tour is perfect for you. As you paddle through the water of the Everglades, you will be able to see bald eagles, alligators, and other animals. You also have a chance to experience tour guides who will help you get more out of your tour.


Orland Magic Basketball – As a way to pass the time and relax, one can decide to take time and support the Orlando’s NBA team, Orlando Magic. The Basketball season runs between October and June. You can go to the Away Center downtown and get to enjoy live matches.


Botanical Garden – Most tourists, will not take the time to visit the botanical garden in Orlando. This is a huge mistake. If you are a nature lover, you need to visit this fifty acre of scenic gardens. You will be able to view more than a thousand rose bushes and one of the hugest collection of camellias. So, if you are in Orlando don’t miss out on the chance to visit the Botanical Gardens.


World-Class Spas – Orlando offers some of the best resorts in the world. If you are looking for a romantic travel gateway, then you might find the various world-class spas. One can relax and get to steam off as they enjoy the features and services of the spas.


Shopping – Orlando is the destination for known modern shopping malls, Mall of Millennia and The Florida Mall. As you enjoy the other tourist attractions, you can take the time to do some shopping.


These are some of the activities that you can get involved in while in Orlando. It does have to always be about the theme parks such as Walt Disney or Universal World. There is so much that Orlando offers for local and forging tourist.

Dr Phillips Arts Center In Depth Read Tour

The Dr. Phillips Community has been richly enhanced with the addition of the Art Center and all the events that it brings to the area. To understand the Doctor Phillips Arts Center fully one must know the richness of the entire complex so with that in mind we ask that you enjoy a read that will inform you.

“A special thank you to Paul McGarigal aka “The Real Estate Coach” for allowing us to share this article on his blog.”

Let’s begin with the Glass and light are key components of what gives the Dr. Phillips Art Center it’s distinctive look. Inside the Alexis and Jim Pugh Theater is the smaller of two theater open. This community size theater seats about 300 people. It has works of art on the ceiling that give off a glow as the patrons are sitting in there in several seats, all of which afforded excellent views of the stage.

Broadway Productions At The Dr. Phillips Art Center

The Walt Disney Theater is the bigger theater. This is design for touring Broadway productions and the Phantom of the Opera was the first show to play there. It has this amazing rich look with its color scheme on the inside and don’t worry if you’re sitting on the second tier, I sat up there too and guess what? You’re closer to the stage than you ever would have been in the old Bob Carr Performing Arts Center. Outside in the lobby, there’s plenty of places for eating and drinking or just admiring the superwave wall that separates the theaters from the noisier areas.

Dr. Phillips Art Center’s Elegance

A big staircase is the sort of centerpiece of this area, it goes up five stories and when you look at it, it looks almost like something from the future. Don’t worry if you get dizzy, hang on to the handrails. A distinctive carpet gives some energy to the place, although the officials of the center suggest, that they think the people in the center will boost that. Out on the atrium, there’s comfortable chairs and seats, maybe one of the largest bars in Orlando.

If you’re drinking out in the lobby, those hands railings, just set your drinks down, just to give you time to take a selfie or two. Donors have an exclusive lounge where they can sit and that has a beautiful view over the city, but don’t worry, if you’re not the high-class donor at the moment, you still have plenty of places to find fun relaxation. The patio, for example, is outdoors, behind the bar and lets you look over the nightlife as well.

Dr. Phillips Art Center’s Beauty

For women, they have perhaps the fanciest bathroom in all of Orlando. Harriott’s Ladies Lounge has beautiful custom-designed sinks, a make-up area and everything you could want to get yourself ready. Up on the roof, everybody can enjoy the view of the skyline day and night. Even if you’re not in the center for a show, you might be attending a special event in the DeVos family room. This is that cube-shaped room that extends out over Magnolia avenue, very visible from the centers front. Keep in mind this is just the beginning for we are certain that the Dr. Phillips Art Center will Grow right along with Dr. Phillips Home Sales.

Dr. Phillips YMCA

Dr. Phillips YMCA
7000 Dr. Phillips Blvd
Orlando, FL 32819

Dr. Phillips Homes For Sale – Paul McGarigal “The Real Estate Coach”

Dr Phillips Hospital

Dr Phillips Hosptial
Dr. P. Phillips Hospital, part of the nationally recognized Orlando Health system, is a complete medical and surgical facility serving southwest Orange County. With 237 acute care beds, Dr. Phillips Hospital offers specialized programs including cardiovascular surgery, laparoscopic surgery, emergency medicine and an accredited Chest Pain Center. Dr. Phillips serves residents and visitors to Orlando’s sprawling tourist complex, including Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and SeaWorld.

Dr. P. Phillips Hospital is a 237-bed, full-service medical/surgical facility serving the residents of Southwest Orange County and Orlando’s growing vacationer populace. In addition to an extremely qualified team of nurses, support personnel and medical professionals, Dr. P. Phillips Hospital is equipped with the most recent innovation in diagnostic imaging, cardio catheterization and angiography.

The Stroke Center at Dr. P. Phillips Hospital cares for stroke clients to the level needed by the Florida Stroke Act. EMS transport systems now acknowledge Dr. P. Phillips Medical facility as a primary stroke center, which supplies instant, comprehensive treatment for stroke clients in the Southwest Orlando location. Another recent addition is the Perry Pavilion, a “home away from home” providing economical, practical lodging for households of clients.

Southwest Orlando has actually experienced extraordinary growth over the past few years, and in 2007, Dr. P. Phillips Healthcare facility underwent a substantial expansion of its centers & services. Dr. P. Phillips Medical facility enhanced its present bed capability from 150 to 237 certified beds. At Dr. P. Phillips Medical facility, we’re proud to provide the following services:

24-hour Emergency Solutions
Stroke Center
Inpatient Surgical treatment
General Surgical treatment
Vascular Surgical treatment
Intensive/ Critical Care Nursing Units
Medical and Surgical Nursing Units
Diagnostic Imaging including ultrasound, high field MRI, state-of-the-art CT and mammography
Nuclear Medicine
Diagnostic Cardiology and Cardiac Catheterization
Endoscopy and GI
Outpatient treatment (radiation treatment, transfusions).
Speech, Occupational and physical Treatments.
Home Wellness.
Perry Structure.

Dr Phillips High School

Dr. Phillips High School opened in fall of 1987 and was built for roughly 2,500 students in the Physician Phillips, Florida location of Southwest Orange County, Florida.

Dr Phillips High School

The campus is located on 55 acres in the Orlando city restrictions and unincorporated Orange County.

The school’s very first Principal, Bill Spoone, went on to be elected to the Orange County School Board. The football stadium is called after him. The school’s gym is named after its 2nd Principal, Dr. Larry Payne, and is nicknamed “The House of Payne.”

The school opened with registration above capability and began making use of portable class on the North School, previously understood as the 9th Grade. Due to overflow from major school, lots of non-freshman courses were moved into additional portable classrooms at the 9th Grade. Due to the fact that the students attending courses at the 9th Grade Center were of blended grade level, the name was changed to North School, with the primary campus being changed to South Campus.

As of the 2007– 2008 school year the student population was 3,624 students. The racial demographics of this populace was 41 % Caucasian, 28 % African American, 22 % Hispanic, 7 % Asian, and 1 % were multiracial.

Currently, the school is going through restorations, which are set to conclude in 2015. A new building has actually been included, in addition to brand-new VPA class on the South Campus.

Dr. Phillips Secondary school opened in fall of 1987 and was constructed for around 2,500 students in the Doctor Phillips, Florida area of Southwest Orange County, Florida.

Dr. Phillips is home to the OCPS Visual and Performing Arts (VPA) and Center for International Researches (CIS) magnet programs.

Dr. Phillips has actually been recognized as having excellent music research studies– especially due to the VPA (Visual and Carrying out Arts) magnet.  The Orchestra, Band, and Chorus Programs routinely get remarkable ratings at district and state celebrations. In addition to performance courses other music classes provided are key-board, music history, music theory, and electronic music. The Theatre Department has been globally recognized for offering quality in the carrying out arts, as seen at District competitors, state competitors, and at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.In addition to music and theatre, VPA also carries programs for Dance, TELEVISION Production, and Visual Art.

The CIS program places an emphasis on awareness of global problems, an understanding of other cultures, and the achievement of multilingual capabilities essential for global business and diplomacy. The Center for International Research studies (CIS) is developed to establish cross-cultural awareness and a global perspective for participating students. CIS students are exposed to major ideas of economics, politics, liberal arts, company, and law, as these fields operate in a global arena. The CIS Magnet program has taken students to take a trip abroad to countries such as China, Japan, India, France, Spain, England, Ireland, Greece, and Italy. Students often participate in homestays. CIS offers chances for their students to host other students from countries such as France, Japan, Austria and Denmark. As part of their dedication to global research studies, students likewise become competent in their chosen foreign language while developing skills in a second, unusual language.

Dr. Phillips Secondary school is also host to 2 career academies concentrating on medical and company careers. Business Academy is a program to aid students in getting ready for a profession or college in the business world. Company Academy is a college preparatory curriculum with a career style, enabling students to see relationships amongst scholastic subjects and their application to a broad field of work. Company Academy students focus on business fields such as Internet design, digital design, legal aspects, bookkeeping, and lots of other soft skills that provide Business Academy students a competitive advantage in their journey to ending up being effective company people. Business Academy offers visitor speakers series, field trips, and lots of community service jobs that provide our students a well-rounded experience.

The Medical Academy is developed for students wanting to pursue professions in the medical/health field. Students within the academy have particular “tracking” courses that are needed to take each year to prepare them for college and/or post high school work. For instance, Latin, Sports Medication, Wellness Careers, Anatomy, and Psychology. The academy helps the local community with volunteering and community service.

With a such a great school system Dr. Phillips is inviting to families, so if your looking to move to the Dr. Phillips Orlando area

Dr Phillips Restaurant Row

Dr Phillips Resturant RowOne dining pointer to Orlando visitors and residents alike, you need to visit the Dining establishments on Dr. Phillips Restaurant Row, it’s become a culinary must-do.

Tucked in between the tourist attractions location and the edge of the lovely Orlando suburb sits Dr. Phillips Dining Paradise called Restaurant Row, a two-mile stretch of Sand Lake Roadway that is a foodie’s dream become a reality.

The super-convenient location of Restaurant Row, minutes from I-Drive, makes it a very popular location for visitors and locals alike. While dining along Restaurant Row, you could find yourself rubbing elbows with the “who’s who” of the Orlando area.

You will certainly find over 30 various dining establishments placed along Sand Lake Roadway, in between International Drive and Apopka Vineland Roadway. Dining establishment Row starts at the intersection of Sand Lake Roadway and Turkey Lake Road and stretches up until Sand Lake Roadway itself pertains to an end to the east– see it on Google Maps. It is really easy to obtain to and from Universal Orlando, particularly if you take Turkey Lake Roadway, which runs behind Universal.

If you are staying in the SeaWorld location and can get to Turkey Lake Road, I recommend selecting this route, as the I-4 Eastbound exit onto Sand Lake Roadway commonly gets backed up. When heading to Restaurant Row, it is an excellent idea to plan for a little bit of traffic congestion throughout peak hours and, of course, peak period. A few of Orlando’s best and brightest restaurants are simply waiting to be taken pleasure in, and there is no lack of customers visiting among Central Florida’s best dining places.

Dining Options

Huge Fin Seafood Kitchen area– terrific owner, fantastic happy hour, remarkable lobster mac ‘n cheese and Maine lobster Mondays.

Seasons 52– a real Orlando original. Fresh food, health-conscious menu, delicious dishes, and terrific personnel in true Darden Dining establishment fashion.

Rocco’s Tacos– one of the most enjoyable and energetic areas in Restaurant Row.

Moonfish– imaginative sushi, incredible seafood and steaks, fun happy hour (which is always busy!), exceptional personnel.

Eddie V’s– modern-day, sophisticated seafood. Darden Restaurants’s newest upscale creation. It’s been producing great deals of word of mouth..

Roy’s– chain restaurant that feels nothing like a chain dining establishment. Tropical, Hawaiian-fusion food, suitable happy hour, gluten-free menu.

Ocean Prime– a crown jewel of Dining establishment Row. Upscale, chic, elegant seafood and steaks, with a gluten-free menu. It opened before Eddie V’s and seems to be the primary reason Eddie’s opened where it did, right across the street.

Cantina Loredo– contemporary, high end Mexican/Latin American food. Prior to there was Rocco’s Tacos, Cantina Loredo ruled Dining establishment Row’s Mexican food world. Loredo is more unwinded and yet more high end than Rocco’s.

Vines Grille & Wine Bar– imaginative classics, terrific wines (clearly), and live music. A perfect date night with an excellent happy hour.

Pei Wei Asian diner– a local favorite! This is the same company as P.F. Chang’s, and Pei Wei’s food is just as flavorful as its full-service cousin.

Tijuana Flats– what begun by a UCF student as a popular college children place to consume has now end up being a fast-growing chain known for its unbelievable, tasty Mexican food and quite addictive hot sauce bar. Be careful– they run a great special on Tuesdays, but the place constantly gets packed this specific night of the week.

Too-Jay’s Exquisite Deli– this deli and bakeshop is most likely as near to a New York-style deli as you can enter this part of the nation. And the desserts are lovely killer!

Restaurant Row Dr. Phillips


While Universal Orlando and Walt Disney World both provide some great dining selections– numerous of which are in memorable settings– make sure to plan some time to venture out and discover. You might be nicely shocked to learn how many terrific culinary thrills are provided like this one in the nearby Dr. Phillips Community.

Dr. Phillips is not just a great place to visit, it’s lovely place to live. Find out about Homes For Sale In Dr. Phillips  from Orlando real estate expert Paul McGarigal aka “The Real Estate Coach” of REMAX Properties Southwest.

The Dr Phillips Foundation

The Phillips family’s kindness and keen passion for helping individuals in the community since the establishment of The Dr. P. Phillips Foundation in 1953 to support charitable needs in the Central Florida location. The Phillips felt that it was necessary to support programs that would correct the origins or causes of an issue, thus leading to the Foundation’s motto “to help others help themselves”.


The Dr. P. Phillips Foundation is a private foundation under the Internal Income Code. Together with Dr. Phillips Inc., The Dr. P. Phillips Foundation has made grants, pledges and program associated investments in extra of $150 million.

About Dr. Phillips Charities.

The Dr. Phillips name has been a major economic and philanthropic presence in the Central Florida neighborhood dating back to the turn of the 20th century. Dr. Phillips Charities honors the heritage of the Phillips household and its support of organizations that measure up to their motto.

Dr. Phillips Charities has a continuous commitment to support organizations in the Dr. Phillips community located in southwest Orange County where the Phillips household had substantial investments during their life time. The vision, effort and time of Dr. Philip Phillips and his kid Howard resulted in the Dr. Phillips neighborhood being the very first master-planned neighborhood in central Florida. The master plan identified sites for schools, and Dr. Phillips Charities made the land offered at below market value for the place of Dr. Phillips and Bay Meadows Elementary Schools, Southwest Intermediate school and a section of Dr. Phillips High School. Dr. Phillips Charities also constructed Dr. Phillips Primary school to the specs of the Orange County Public School System (OCPS) prior to the State of Florida concurred that population density in the location validated the requirement for a school, leasing it back to OCPS up until the State of Florida gave authoization to use tax dollars to buy it.

Dr Phillips Foundation

The master plan likewise offered other public facilities, medical centers, and parks and recreational amenities. Dr. Phillips Charities built and/or supplied land for many of these neighborhood possessions. Examples of the financial investment by Dr. Phillips Charities in the neighborhood are the Dr. Phillips Fire Station, the Dr. P. Phillips Medical facility, the Dr. P. Phillips YMCA Household Center, the Dr. Phillips Little League, the Dr. P. Phillips Neighborhood Park, the Southwest Library and the construction of the brand-new head office of Dr. Phillips Foundation at 7400 Dr. Phillips Boulevard.

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The Man For Whom Dr Phillps Is Named

Dr Phillips is a lovely community near Orlando Florida and carries a very well known name throughout Central Florida Dr. Philip Phillips.

Many places and establishments are named in his honor in Orlando, including Orlando Regional Dr. P. Phillips Hospital, Dr. Phillips High School, the Dr. Phillips community within Orlando, and the Dr. P. Phillips Orlando Performing Arts Center, completed in 2012.

Dr Phillips Florida Named In Honor Of Dr. Philip Phillips

Dr Philip Phillips  (January 27, 1874 – April 18, 1959) who  was a prominent businessman and philanthropist who was very active in the Central Florida area. He earned a medical degree from Columbia University in New York. A citrus magnate, at one point he owned more than 5,000 acres (20 km2) of citrus groves before selling his industry assets in 1953. After that, he established the Dr. P. Phillips Foundation, while Dr. Phillips Inc. remained in the real estate business, run by his son, Howard Phillips.

Dr. Philip Phillips and the charities that bring his name have a rich history in Central Florida and continue to have a terrific effect on the lives of the location’s residents. Philip Phillips was born upon January 27, 1874, in Memphis, Tennessee. Little is known about his early years aside from he went to Columbia University where he was granted a clinical degree.

Some History About Dr. Philip Philips

Dr Phillips Florida Name Sake Dr Philip Phillips

The young Dr. Phillips arrived in Florida in 1894, where he bought his very first orange grove in Satsuma. One of the most destructive freezes in Florida’s history took place in the following year. Two days of below-freezing temperature levels damaged his citrus trees forcing the young physician back home to Tennessee. He returned to Florida in 1897, this time moving further south to Central Florida. He acquired land in Osceola County. This was the beginning of a citrus empire spanning a number of counties, with more than 5,000 acres of citrus groves and two packing homes. In 1905, Dr. P. Phillips bought a grove on the south side of Sand Lake in Orange County. Years later, this land would become the location of the Orlando Regional Sand Lake Health center, which was re-labelled The Dr. P. Phillips Health center in 2007 in his honor.

Philip Phillips and his wife, Della, settled in Orlando where they raised their family and established their reputation for gifting. The eldest, Howard, was born in Lebanon, Tennessee on March 27, 1902, and Walter was born in Kissimmee, Florida, on November 27, 1904.

Dr. P. Phillips was known for the numerous developments that his company incorporated in the packaging and processing of orange juice. Housing was established for employees in the Dr. Phillips community and a post office was developed to supply much needed services. In the 1950s, acknowledging that correct wellness care for black residents of Central Florida was practically non-existent, Dr. P. Phillips was instrumental in developing the Dr. Phillips Memorial Healthcare facility.

Dr. Phillips Citrus Packing House The Phillips family’s generosity and keen passion for helping people in the community led to the establishment of The Dr. P. Phillips Foundation in 1953 to support charitable needs in the Central Florida location. The family felt that it was essential to support programs that would correct the origins or causes of a trouble, thus resulting in the Foundation’s motto “to assist others assist themselves.”.

In 1954, the citrus business was offered to Granada Groves, a collaboration between Investors Diversified Services and Minute Maid.

Orange Grove Magnate Charitble Giver Dr Philips

His wife, Della, passed away in 1968, and Howard Phillips, the staying sole shareholder of the Phillips’ business, continued the family tradition of philanthropy with The Dr. P. Phillips Foundation and Dr. Phillips, Inc. Upon his death in 1979, Howard Phillips, the sole successor of Dr. Philip Phillips, left all of the Phillips household holdings to be utilized in charitable ways.

Like The Dr. P. Phillips Foundation, Dr. Phillips Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation. These sibling organizations comprising Dr. Phillips Charities have made over $150 million in grants, pledges and program related investments to Central Florida charities responding to the needs of the neighborhood and directly touching the lives of countless children and households each year.

Dr. Philip Phillips and the charities that carry his name have a rich history in Central Florida and continue to have a terrific effect on the lives of the location’s citizens. The young Dr. Phillips came to Florida in 1894, where he acquired his first orange grove in Satsuma. In the 1950s, acknowledging that appropriate health care for black citizens of Central Florida was virtually non-existent, Dr. P. Phillips was instrumental in establishing the Dr. Phillips Memorial Hospital. His wife, Della, passed away in 1968, and Howard Phillips, the staying sole shareholder of the Phillips’ companies, continued the family legacy of philanthropy through The Dr. P. Phillips Foundation and Dr. Phillips, Inc. Upon his death in 1979, Howard Phillips, the sole successor of Dr. Philip Phillips, left all of the Phillips family holdings to be used in charitable methods.

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Parkside Community Dr Phillips

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