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 In Dr Phillips Community

The Dr. Phillips Community has been richly enhanced with the addition of the Art Center and all the events that it brings to the area. To understand the Doctor Phillips Arts Center fully one must know the richness of the entire complex so with that in mind we ask that you enjoy a read that will inform you.

“A special thank you to Paul McGarigal aka “The Real Estate Coach for allowing us to share this article on his blog.”

Let’s begin with the Glass and light are key components of what gives the Dr. Phillips Art Center it’s distinctive look. Inside the Alexis and Jim Pugh Theater is the smaller of two theater open. This community size theater seats about 300 people. It has works of art on the ceiling that give off a glow as the patrons are sitting in there in several seats, all of which afforded excellent views of the stage.

Broadway Productions At The Dr. Phillips Art Center

The Walt Disney Theater is the bigger theater. This is design for touring Broadway productions and the Phantom of the Opera was the first show to play there. It has this amazing rich look with its color scheme on the inside and don’t worry if you’re sitting on the second tier, I sat up there too and guess what? You’re closer to the stage than you ever would have been in the old Bob Carr Performing Arts Center. Outside in the lobby, there’s plenty of places for eating and drinking or just admiring the superwave wall that separates the theaters from the noisier areas.

Dr. Phillips Art Center’s Elegance

A big staircase is the sort of centerpiece of this area, it goes up five stories and when you look at it, it looks almost like something from the future. Don’t worry if you get dizzy, hang on to the handrails. A distinctive carpet gives some energy to the place, although the officials of the Center suggest, that they think the people in the center will boost that. Out on the atrium, there’s comfortable chairs and seats, maybe one of the largest bars in Orlando.

If you’re drinking out in the lobby, those hands railings, just set your drinks down, just to give you time to take a selfie or two. Donors have an exclusive lounge where they can sit and that has a beautiful view over the city, but don’t worry, if you’re not the high-class donor at the moment, you still have plenty of places to find fun relaxation. The patio, for example, is outdoors, behind the bar and lets you look over the nightlife as well.

Dr. Phillips Art Center’s Beauty

For women, they have perhaps the fanciest bathroom in all of Orlando. Harriott’s Ladies Lounge has beautiful custom-designed sinks, a make-up area and everything you could want to get yourself ready. Up on the roof, everybody can enjoy the view of the skyline day and night. Even if you’re not in the center for a show, you might be attending a special event in the DeVos family room. This is that cube-shaped room that extends out over Magnolia Avenue, very visible from the centers front. Keep in mind this is just the beginning for we are certain that the Dr. Phillips Art Center will Grow right along with Dr. Phillips Home Sales.

Dr Phillips Florida is Growing And Demand For News Homes Is On The Increase

There is a great demand for new homes in Doctor Phillips as the community grows attractions like the Art Center will become more and more diverse. According To Paul McGarigal, real estate agent/broker at RE/MAX Properties Southwest, the projection of population growth is strong and driving new home construction for single family dwellings and rental property in the area.

New growth in the housing market signals that the community of Dr. Phillips and The Art Center will be busy for the foreseeable future.

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