Doctor Phillips Lake Front Real Estate

Dr. Phillips Waterfront Homes

If you are looking for the best waterfront home to buy in Dr. Phillips, Florida, then you have come to the right place. Doctor Phillips real estate market features high-end Lakefront properties from condominium and single family lakefront properties to majestic estates and elegant villas.

Best Lake Home Locations

These properties are located in Dr. Phillips along the heavenly shores of Sand Lake and Butler chain of lakes. Dr. Phillips is a wealthy suburb few kilometers from the city of Orlando in Orange County, Florida. The suburb boasts the most appealing lakefront living environment you won’t find elsewhere in Central Florida.

What does a typical waterfront home look like

These waterfront homes in Dr. Phillips can be anything you desire. They feature spacious living areas constructed from the finest materials you will ever find in the state. Each of these living spaces is designed to create an awesome harmony between the interior and outdoor environment.

Design touches and craftsmanship on these properties is also top notch. Floors, ceiling, doors, and windows display unique finish which complements the surrounding clear lakes and green wonderland.

Gardens that surround these waterfront homes are perfectly landscaped. They feature mature and young trees and expansive lawns. Another appealing feature of these homes are sprawling terraces and retaining walls which stretch out towards the boat docks and waterfront.

Beautiful surroundings

Dr. Phillips Water Front Homes are located within beautiful surroundings. These homes create wonderful residences for professionals, single and large families and anyone who wants to live in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. To a backdrop of waterfalls and glittering lakes, the astonishing properties present a natural environment where everything from swimming to kayaking is just a few steps away. Also, if you want to explore various activities away from water, there are endless scenic trails, golf courses, tennis competitions and other stunning activities to enjoy throughout the community.

Price range

The price of Dr. Phillips Waterfront homes varies depending on the location, type of property and available features. For instance, properties located along Osprey Isle Lane, Point Cypress Drive, Emerald Chase Drive, Sand Lake Road, International Drive and Charles E Limpus road areas are priced relatively higher compared to other areas. Regardless of your budget, you will always find a stunning waterfront home with all the features you ever wanted.

If you want to find your ideal Dr. Phillips waterfront home, feel free to contact our real estate agents today. They will help you find the best home for you.

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